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Program Fun

The core of Cub Scouting should be fun. A fun experience will keep CubScoutthe boys engaged in your program. Any lesson or skill that we do in Cub Scouting should be packaged and delivered with fun. Here are some ideas for a fun Cub Scout program:

The Toilet Paper Game

Lemon And Chopstick Relay Game

Scout-made Christmas Ornament For 2009

Tabletop Campfire

Cub Scout Buckets

Jungle Animal Kerchief Slides

Scout Songs On Youtube

Sweep Potato Game

Golf Ball Kerchief Slide

Teaching Cubs To Cook

2 Liter Bottle Bowling Game

Pie Tin And Washer Game

Open Up A Box of Cheer

More Patrol Emblem Choices

The Candy Bar Game

Make Your Own Ceremonial Arrows

Adding Pizzazz With Ceremony Props

Mousetrap Catapult Plans

Scout-made Christmas Ornament For 2008

Webelos Colors – Supersized

The Game Backpack

Survival Kits In A Bag

Fire-free Smores

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