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2-Liter Bottle Bowling June 2, 2009

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Hello fellow Scouters,

Cub Scouts love to bowl, but an outing to a bowling alley can Soda_Bottle_And_Ballbe expensive. But with enough 2 liter soda bottles, a ball and a flat surface, you can bring a bowling alley to your meeting!

When I did this at a den meeting, I set up two lanes, with a wood 2×4 as a divider between the lanes. I used 10 bottles per lane, with a rubber “four square”-type ball for the bowling ball. A fence at the end of the lane was a backstop, with enough room between the end of the lane and the backstop for the pin-setting volunteer to stand. I used blue painter’s tape to mark off the rest of the lane. For my Webelos, my lanes were approx. 10′ long.

Some tips for this game: First, the bottles fall over with little effort. But if you add a cup of water to the bottle, that will give them enough bottom weight to keep them from falling over too easily. Also, by adjusting the length of the “alley”, you can make this game age-appropriate. And bringing a clipboard is a good idea for score keeping. Finally, this game could be played indoor or outside, or even in a garage.

Here are the blank score sheets that I used for this game.

 bowling_scoresheet.jpg (Please e-mail me if you would like a pdf version of this score sheet).

I had two lanes going, to keep the wait-time down (with only one Soda_Bottle_Bowlinglane, this would have been a meeting bottleneck, which as I’ve blogged about before is something you want to avoid). To run this game, I had 3 other volunteers. I had two “pin setters” that would stack the pins and make sure the balls didn’t go into the other lanes. Me and another parent were the score keepers, although you could do with only one score keeper. A den chief would be a great resource for this game, either as a helper or even setting up and running this game (with assistance, of course).

This made a great game for a den meeting. When we did this as Webelos, I had two parents set up the game in the front driveway, while me and another parent taught a Readyman lesson on the back patio. When we were done with the lesson, we went to the front and found they had done an awesome job of setting up a two-lane bowling alley. They even made those lane “hash marks” with the tape! This was a game that the boys didn’t want to stop playing.

Along with a den meeting game, this can be used as a pack game, a gathering activity, a summer camp game, etc. This game can be set up and played anywhere that you have a flat surface. So start collecting your soda bottles now.

Have fun!

In Scouting,

 – Scouter Jeff <><



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