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Dutch Oven Breakfast Recipe June 19, 2009

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Hello fellow Scouters,

I had a real positive response to my dutch oven dessert recipe, so I DutchOvenBreakfastthought I’d share one more. Our Cub Scout den’s favorite breakfast was a breakfast one-pot casserole. A portion of it was prepared at home, so it was easy to make at a campout. It was so good we would double the recipe you see below and make two batches and cook it in two dutch ovens. We served this with my wife’s salsa (which is so, so good, and a closely-guarded secret) and we could empty out a dutch oven in no time. The boys and the adults liked this recipe!

Pre-cook 1lb bulk sausage and 1lb shredded hash browns at home. 

Put cooked sausage and potatoes in the dutch oven first.

Next beat 18 eggs and mix w/ 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (if you don’t mix the cheese and the eggs it will burn).

Pour egg and cheese mix over sausage and potatoes and then top with can of refridgerator biscuits.

Coals are usually placed 4 on top and 4 on bottom of a 12″ dutch oven, but adjust as you need to keep from burning. Takes about an hour.

The biscuits are right at the top, so it’s easy to burn them if you’re not careful.

Since I won’t divulge my wife’s salsa recipe, you can use whatever salsa or hot sauce you like to spice it up. A good salsa really compliments this breakfast dish.


In Scouting,

 – Scouter Jeff <><



1. commishcleary - June 19, 2009

Um, yea….thanks for making my mouth water….ruined another keyboard…great recipe Jeff, keep them coming, as that is a new segment on Cleary’s Corner…

2. Pat Eyler - June 19, 2009

Looks great! I can’t wait to try it.

3. Kris Braham - June 19, 2009

Our last DO experiments were 2 for 3 successes. This sounds like an easy one so we’ll have to try it!!! We’re still figuring out the coals thing so if you have any hints there…. I bet there’s others who’d love that info too!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!


4. thetrainerscorner - June 19, 2009

If you read my post called “Getting Started With Dutch Ovens” on the Scouting Outoors tab, you will see a bit about coals.

When I simmer something I usually put 2/3 of the coals on the bottom, and 1/3 on the top. When I bake, I usually reverse this.

And I usually replace my coals during cooking. Not all at the same time. I usually replace them as they get small. If it’s something you need to bake at a higher heat for a longer time, this is really important. Or if it’s a cold and windy day. If its something that bakes at a lower temp or risks burning, like biscuits, I don’t always replace the coals.

You can see there’s a lot of “usually”‘s here. It’s more about experimenting that precision. I’ve had burnt things on a campout, and I’ve had undercooked things as well that needed to go back and bake more.

I learned to keep a pile of coals ready to go while I’m baking, “just in case”

I hope this helps!
-Scouter Jeff

5. Dutch Oven Cookout - July 2, 2009

great post..thanks for sharing ideas. i love to bring our dutch oven during camping and great cook with my dutch oven..;) we will come back often.

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[…] quest to come up with great, but light and compact meals when out backpacking, Scouter Jeff’s Dutch oven recipes, the menu planning for Scout camps or the rather boring ‘sandwich selection’ promised for my […]

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