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E-Mail Accounts October 29, 2008

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Hi fellow Scouters,

E-mail is a crucial part of being involved in Scouting. I have no idea how they did Scouting before the days of the Internet and e-mail (the dark ages). How do you handle e-mail accounts? I learned early on as a leader that I’d rather have a separate Scouting e-mail vs. having my e-mail come to my main account. For me, it is so much easier to keep personal e-mail separate from Scouting e-mail. When I have time, I can take care of all the Scouting e-mails, and not have to find them mixed in with personal e-mails. Less things get lost, and I can manage them better (such as setting up folders). An additional benefit is that I can set up two different address books, and not have to worry about who are Scouting contacts and who are personal contacts.

Good communication is vital to being a good Scout leader. I will have a post one day on my thoughts about communication. But for me personally, one thing that helps me be a better communicator as a Scout leader is a separate e-mail account. If you are struggling with managing e-mail, consider setting up a separate e-mail. There are so many good free e-mail services out there (G-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo).

What works for you? Feel free to leave a comment about what works and what doesn’t work concerning e-mail.

In Scouting,

– Jeff <><