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Scout-made Christmas Ornament December 17, 2008

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Hello fellow scouters,

Here’s a great idea for a snowman Christmas ornament that can be ornaments1made by your scouts. This would work well for a den meeting craft, pack meeting activity, or even a last-minute Christmas gift!

We had our den Christmas party this week, and the mom hosting the event brought this craft, and I thought it was great! I wish I had known about it a month ago, so I could have posted it earlier. So if it’s too late to use this year, you can tuck it in your back pocket for next year.

Supplies – you will need white craft paint, a foam brush, undecorated ornaments (darker ornaments work better), a black and an orange Sharpie pen.

Step 1 – paint your scout’s hand (fingers and palm) white. Then have ornaments2him grasp the ornament with the bottom of the ornament in his palm (be careful to not grasp it too tightly, since it’s glass). His fingers will extend upwards and be the snowmen. The palm print at the bottom will be the “ground” that the snowmen rest on. Then set aside to ornaments3dry, which for us took about a half hour (so we did other activities while it was drying).

Step 2 – take your black Sharpie and color the eyes, mouth, and buttons. Your orange Sharpie can be used for the nose. (You can use craft paint for this step). Make sure your ornaments41scout puts his name on the bottom. It’s a good idea to also put the year, so you always know when your son did this activity. Your scouts can use the Sharpies to decorate the snowmen as they wish. Our scouts drew hats, outlined the snowmen, added arms, etc.

Step 3 – carefully take home and enjoy!

It’s a simple craft that creates a really good keepsake.

In Scouting,

-Scouter Jeff <><



1. elissestuart - November 8, 2009

Really cute idea.
Wish my sons were little again so we could do this craft.

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