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Jungle Animal Kerchief Slides September 14, 2009

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Hello fellow Scouters,

Since the theme for October is “Jungle Safari”, what goes better withSafariJungle2 a jungle theme than jungle animal kerchief slides? You can make kerchief slides that you construct yourself, such as foam animals, or you can buy toy jungle animals and hot glue them to a cut section of 1/2″ PVC sprinkler riser. Either way, this can be a fun craft for your den or pack meeting.

If you want to buy them, there’s a company that sells animal “toobs”, that you might have seen at your neighborhood Michael’s craft store. This company, Safari Ltd, has great jungle animals. They are also for sale Amazon.com (just do a search in the “Toys & Games” department for “Safari Ltd Toob”). I found the selection at my local Michael’s fairly limited, but priced well. They had quite a few of the 12-count toobs for $6.99, but only one that had a jungle theme (the “Monkey and Apes” toob).

You pay a bit more, but get a better selection at Amazon.com. Amazon has the “Jungle Mega” toob that has 24 jungle figures and sells for $16.79. They also have a “Zoo Babies” toob that has 12 cute baby zoo animals that sells for $10.00, although 2 of them (the panda and the polar bear) wouldn’t fit the theme. And they have others that could fit this theme.

Since these figurines have some weight to them, extra glue would be needed to make them adhere better to the PVC pipe section. And as I’ve mentioned on my Golf Ball Kerchief Slide blog entry before, make sure you have a PVC pipe cutter – a PVC cutter is great tool for making kerchief slides.

Although not wanting to over-promote this particular company, I have used the Safari Ltd insect “toob” before for kerchief slides – they made some really fun bug slides! So check out their selection of “toobs” and see if there are other ones you think would make great kerchief slides.

Kerchief slides are always a fun craft for the boys. If you are looking at doing a jungle-theme kerchief slide, consider a “toob” of jungle animals, if they fit your den meeting or pack meeting budget.

In Scouting,

 – Scouter Jeff <><



1. Scoutsigns - September 15, 2009

Good idea–what kind of glue do you use? I’ve not had much luck (items just peel off eventually).

2. thetrainerscorner - September 15, 2009

Thanks! I’ve always used a hot glue gun. So far, I’ve never had too much trouble with the kerchief slide disconnecting off of the PVC section. If you put enough pressure it can snap apart, but for the most part that hasn’t been a problem.

When something is heavy like this, I would glue the slide to the section of PVC, then I would put a bead of glue around where the two items meet. It can be a little messy, but since it’s the backside of the slide, it’s hidden from view. That usually did the trick.


3. TDL_Emily - September 16, 2009

I love this idea, but I have a question– my tigers can’t use hot glue guns, can they? (I should probably go check G2SS!)

When is your next podcast? I’ve enjoyed them!

4. thetrainerscorner - September 16, 2009

Great question! As Tigers, the parents are at the meeting and working right beside the boys, so I’d have the parents do this with the boys. I’m not sure of any limitations on glue guns, but when in doubt, have the parents help their son. (If anyone knows of any “official” limitations, please post them in the comments).

Glue guns can cause injury, especially the larger ones (I know – I’ve burn myself many times on my large glue gun. Nothing like having hot glue squirt out on your hand and having it burn while you try to get it off!) For a den meeting, I would only use the small craft ones. They are much safer than the larger one. And when the boys are younger, you have to watch them closely when they use these, so I would always get plenty of help with glue gun crafts.

And thanks for the kind words on the podcasts. #4 will go up today or tomorrow. I recorded it almost 3 weeks ago and I just have had trouble finding time to edit it (actually, I have #4 – 7 recorded. I just need to get my tail in gear and edit them!)

– Scouter Jeff

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