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E-Mail Accounts October 29, 2008

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Hi fellow Scouters,

E-mail is a crucial part of being involved in Scouting. I have no idea how they did Scouting before the days of the Internet and e-mail (the dark ages). How do you handle e-mail accounts? I learned early on as a leader that I’d rather have a separate Scouting e-mail vs. having my e-mail come to my main account. For me, it is so much easier to keep personal e-mail separate from Scouting e-mail. When I have time, I can take care of all the Scouting e-mails, and not have to find them mixed in with personal e-mails. Less things get lost, and I can manage them better (such as setting up folders). An additional benefit is that I can set up two different address books, and not have to worry about who are Scouting contacts and who are personal contacts.

Good communication is vital to being a good Scout leader. I will have a post one day on my thoughts about communication. But for me personally, one thing that helps me be a better communicator as a Scout leader is a separate e-mail account. If you are struggling with managing e-mail, consider setting up a separate e-mail. There are so many good free e-mail services out there (G-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo).

What works for you? Feel free to leave a comment about what works and what doesn’t work concerning e-mail.

In Scouting,

– Jeff <><



1. Nick Wood - November 15, 2008

Hi Jeff
First time I’ve come across your blog and interesting it is too.
I agree that having separate email accounts. It makes life so much easier knowing which are Scouting related and which are personal.
One thing I would always recommend is that if your Troop has its own web site, don’t publish an email address unless you are prepared to be spammed to death!

All the best


2. thetrainerscorner - November 15, 2008

Hi Nick,
Thanks for stopping by, all the way across the globe! I like your comment about publishing e-mails on the web. I now have 3 e-mail accounts. One for personal/business uses, one for my local scouting (council, district, pack and troop), and one for my web presence. It’s not always convenient, but I know what’s in which in-box.
Take care!

In Scouting,
– Scouter Jeff <

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