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Instant Camp Coffee October 20, 2009

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Hello fellow Scouters,

As you know, I’m always looking for good camp coffee (maybe to Viathe point of obsession!). One thing that I’ve never considered is instant coffee, because instant coffee is usually just plain terrible. Recently, however, Starbucks has come out with their own “Via” line of instant coffee. I have tried it and I have to admit it’s not bad. It’s not quite as good as a regular brewed coffee, but since it’s instant coffee, it’s easy to make with very little mess.

I probably won’t be drinking a lot of this around the home, but I’m starting to keep a stockpile at work. It’s great to heat up a cup of water and make a quick cup of coffee (remember – I’m an accountant. Caffeine is a survival tool!).

This is also a good option for camping. Although I’m not going to retire my new GSI coffee press anytime soon, I plan on bringing Via along with me when I want to make a quick cup of coffee at camp. On those mornings where you are running short on time or packing up your equipment, a quick cup of coffee with no grounds to deal with would be nice. Plus, since you can avoid bringing coffee-making equipment, I figure this would be a great backpacking option.

If you are looking for an easy coffee option for your next campout, consider Starbucks new Via blend of instant coffee. The taste isn’t bad, and there is very little clean up. And no, this blog post isn’t sponsored by Starbucks in any way – although a portion of each of my paychecks seems to end up going to them 🙂

In Scouting,

 – Scouter Jeff <><



1. Jon in HB - October 20, 2009

I just found via and I love it. It came in very handy at Wood Badge training last week. I was the only one in my patrol that drank coffee, so I’d just heat some water on the came stove and use my via & presto, I’m drinking coffee. It’s a bit expensive for all the time. But it’s a great back up in a pinch.

2. Nick Wood - October 21, 2009

Of course Jeff, REAL Scouts drink TEA!
(ducks and runs…….)

3. thetrainerscorner - October 21, 2009

You know us here in the colonies – always rebellious!

4. Nick Wood - October 22, 2009

All joking aside, I’m quite impressed you take a coffee press with you to camp. Normally we take tea and coffee to camp, but the coffee is normally Nescafe instant (sorry for offending you ears!) and tea is tea bags, both of which are easy to make.
What do your Scouts normally drink on camp? Ours usually drink water or dilute to taste fruit juice and the occasional one will drink tea, but never coffee!

5. thetrainerscorner - October 22, 2009

The coffee is for the adults only. In Cub Scouts (where it’s a 1 to 1 adult-Scout ratio), the parents usually provide the drinks for their sons. When we were Webelos, and we did our camping as more of a patrol-style campout, I would buy water and Gatoraid-type drinks. I wouldn’t buy products with caffeine for my Webelos.

As Boy Scouts, well, sodas and water are what I’ve seen. Sometimes Gatoraid, too. But sodas with caffeine are very popular! (I have heard of some troops that don’t allow sodas containing caffeine, but ours does, which my son is very happy about!).

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