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Professional Help for Webelos Leaders May 28, 2009

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Hello fellow Scouters,

Several Webelos activity badge requirements ask you to visit a professional in their Webelos_Neckerchiefrespective field. To make my Webelos meetings more fun, I used this opportunity to invite as many professionals as I could to den meetings. Even if it wasn’t an activity badge requirement, it was a great way for the boys to meet new adults. And, let’s face it – the boys were tired of hearing me speak all the time!

One thing I’ve found is just how many people are willing to help Cub Scouts out. You would think that a professional would be too busy to give up an evening or time during their weekend. But don’t be afraid to ask – very often they love to share what they do with kids. It’s a good idea to use the summer “downtime” that we often have to send out feelers and get some professionals lined up for fall.

Here are the required professionals

 – Artist/art teacher, for Artist #1. I had a distant acquaintance who is a professional surf artist, so he let each den I led come to his studio and watch him paint. An art teacher at a school or community college would be good to help with this.

 – Engineer, for Engineer #1. There are a lot of engineering fields, from mechanical to civil to computer. If you don’t have a parent that is an engineer or has one at their work, call down to city hall and see if you can meet a city engineer. You can also meet with a land surveyor or architect for this requirement. So check with your parents and see if they know anyone in the construction field.

 – Scientist, for Scientist #4 (part of the belt loop requirements). This one is often one of the more difficult to find. You could try calling a university or community college and see if they have a professor that is willing to help. Or you could see if you have a science museum near you. This could end up being a fun outing!

Not required, but fun to have

 – Geologist – I had a geologist come once to teach the boys the Geologist activity pin. He was fun to listen to and brought a lot of samples, including a lot of fossils. The boys loved this meeting.

 – Power plant engineer/worker – I had a dad in my den that worked at a near-by nuclear power plant. He showed us how electricity is generated and brought to our home, for Engineer #5. It was very interesting.

 – Music teacher/musician – I had a music teacher come in and lead us through the music requirements of the Showman activity badge.

 – Doctor / paramedic – I have a good friend of mine who’s a firefighter and a CPR instructor. He came in and taught much of the Readyman activity badge. He brought his CPR dummies, bandages, gauzes, etc. The boys loved this meeting!

 – Woodworker – A woodworker would be a fun person to help with the Craftsman requirements. Maybe one of your parents does this as a hobby or knows someone that is a woodworker.

There are many opportunities to have professionals come and meet with your den – just look at the activity badge requirements and see if a professional can discuss this with the boys. Of course, you can run a fun Webelos program without bringing in a professional. As a Webelos leader, I didn’t have any of these skills, so I called in every favor I could.

Make sure you have parent surveys on hand, and know what your parents do. Maybe you have an engineer mom or dad. Maybe you have a parent that’s an accomplished musician. And let your parents know what the needs are. They might know a scientist or a geologist – you never know.

And once the meeting is done, make sure you send a thank you card. As I’ve blogged about previously, I like to have the boys in a picture with the professional, and I’d send that picture with a thank you card signed by all the boys. It’s a good follow-up for someone who’s given their time to teach the boys.

In Scouting,

 – Scouter Jeff <><



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