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Pictures – Take Them Early and Often February 5, 2009

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Hello fellow Scouters,

A good friend in Scouting, Scoutmaster Steve B., had a great post recently on pictures, and it got me thinking. If I had a couple of camera2minutes with a new leader, one of the things I would tell them is to take pictures of the den everywhere they go. Take pictures early on in the program and take a lot of them.

Almost everyone now has digital cameras. Digital cameras are a great way to take a lot of pictures without necessarily having to develop them. I purchased our digital camera the summer before my current den started its Tiger year. We are now about to graduate into Boy Scouts and I have years of pictures cataloged and archived on CDs.

Now that we are about to graduate out of Cub Scouts, I am going tocamera1 give the parents a gift – a gift of CDs with all of the pictures I’ve taken throughout the years. So often, parents don’t bring cameras to events, and they are missing so many great memories. I made it a point to take pictures everywhere we went. Some were group pictures with everyone acting silly, some were action pictures of the boys doing some kind of activity. I’ve got pictures of the boys getting awards, making crafts, getting their shoes stuck in mud, packing up camp in the rain, and much more. And I have pictures of them as brand new Tigers and the same boys meeting with a Scoutmaster for their Arrow of Light Scoutmaster conference. I have 5 years of memories. It has taken a lot of my time to catalog and back up these pictures, but it’s worth it. These memories are priceless.

Some tips on dealing with digital images:

Backup – You must back them up to a CD, in case your computer crashes. A lot of work can be lost when a hard drive goes bad. I know this is an obvious point but I also know a lot of people who have lost pictures forever when they hard drive goes.

Cataloging – It is a good idea to catalog the pictures in some way so you can have them in some kind of order. I catalog them by their file name – A picture taken Christmas day 2008 would start with 20081225-# (with the # being the sequence of the pictures that day). This way they self-sort in a directory or CD. (Yes, I’m a little too organized for my own good!).

When You’re Busy – Don’t forget to get someone to take your camera and take pictures while you are busy working with the boys, so the memories aren’t lost.

Other Pictures – Don’t forget to ask the parents for pictures they take, so you can combine them with your pictures.

It’s Not Too Late To Start – Even if you haven’t taken pictures since day one, you can start now. You will still capture many great memories.

The Cub Scout program offers years of many fun activities, adventures, and fun. And the boys grow so much throughout the program. So my advice to a new leader: be your den historian! Capture the wonderful memories that you will have over the many years of Cub Scouting adventures.

In Scouting,

-Scouter Jeff <><



1. Dan - Scouting News - February 5, 2009

Its a good job to give a parent that wants to help out but may be a little overbearing. Hand them the digital camera and ask them to take a bunch of pictures.

2. thetrainerscorner - February 5, 2009

Busy work! I love it – great idea. Thanks.

3. visibleprocrastinations - February 5, 2009

Another useful tip is to try and take some general overview photos that do not show faces or identify the participants for use in advertising/on-line. You need to be in a very different mindset to be taking these photos and they are often forgotten but can have great promotional value for your Pack.

Depending on your local policy framework you may need parental permission and/or release forms for the use of advertising/on-line photography.

cheers Rikki

4. Nick - February 6, 2009

It’s great to have loads of photos of activities and I am never without a camera when I am with any of our sections doing stuff, be it my digital compact, the camera or even my 35mm SLR (yes I am a bit of a Luddite and like ‘real’ film sometimes). In fact it’s a standing joke within the Group that I’m never without a camera!
One thing I know I must do is record names and faces. Memories do play tricks and the Scout we’ve known for years can end up being referred to as ‘oh him, you know, thingy….’!
We recently had photos taken of the whole Group and I want Scout in 50 years time to know who was who!

5. Teresa - February 6, 2009

Great reminder. I’m about to start combining Cub Scout and Boy Scout snapshots for a presentation for my son and his best friend’s combined Eagle Court of Honor. It certainly is easier now that digital cameras are the norm – unlike their early Cub years! But I wouldn’t trade this photo archive for anything.

6. boyandgirlscoutsdotcom - February 9, 2009

My wife is a shutterbug so we have pix from years and years and continue to share them with everyone online: http://troopandpack104.shutterfly.com/

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