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Keep on Scouting December 16, 2008

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Hello fellow Scouters,

If you are a Webelos II leader like me, cross-over is approaching and you are beginning to wind down your Cub Scout experience. Or bridgemaybe you’re a Cubmaster or committee member and your son is about to graduate from the Cub Scout program. To all of you that have worked hard and led your dens faithfully throughout the years, I say “Good Job”! Thank you for your hard work, and know that you helped shape future men of character.

But as you begin to wrap up your time in Cub Scouts, that doesn’t mean you have to retire from being a leader in Scouting. As you know, the Scouting organization is a volunteer-led organization, and more volunteers are always needed to help keep it a quality organization. So instead of packing away the cotton-polyester uniform, I would ask all of you to consider serving the youth in the program by continuing your volunteering.

Here are some ways that you can continue to serve the Boy Scouts of America after your son and your son’s den moves on from Cub Scouts:

Your son’s troop – hopefully you’ve instilled the benefits of Boy Scouts to your Cub Scouts, and you will have plenty of cross-overs into Boy Scouts. Does the troop your son goes to need help? Does it have enough Assistant Scoutmasters? Are there enough committee members to share the load of the committee? (A good sign is if committee members are wearing many hats or the Scoutmaster is doing tasks that are more administrative in nature). You can help your son’s troop be a healthy one by lending a hand. But it doesn’t have to stop there.

District Training – I absolutely love being a district trainer. It’s so rewarding to get in front of new leaders and open their eyes to what Scouting has to offer. And I wonder if there are any districts in BSA that have enough trainers. You may be thinking “I’d rather die than get in front of a group of people and speak”. Well, I’m with you. I’m an extreme introvert, who doesn’t speak all that well. But my love for helping other leaders is greater than my fear of public speaking, and I have been able to overcome this and train. If you’ve led a successful den and you feel like you have knowledge to share, then consider being a district trainer.

Unit Commissioners– unit commissioners get a certain number of units that they oversee. They are a mentor and provide guidance to a unit. And there are not enough UC’s out there. Here’s what our good friend Commissioner Cleary says:

   “CO – to do with, as in not alone

   “MISSION – something that you set out to do with a positive outcome

   “ER – one who does it

“So there you have it, a COMMISSIONER is someone who helps you get a positive outcome out of your program.”

Roundtable Staff– a successful Roundtable can only happen if there are enough volunteers to run it. And a successful Roundtable helps build successful leaders. This would be a good area to serve if you enjoyed going to Roundtables and see the value they provide. (And if you don’t go to Roundtables, you are missing out on so much. It’s a great place to talk to other leaders and get ideas, help, and knowledge).

Pack Trainers – just because you are moving on from Cub Scouts, you don’t have to leave your pack. The Pack Trainer is a key position that is often vacant in many packs. You can use your experience to help guide and mentor the other leaders in your pack. I’ve been a Pack Trainer for two years, and the time commitment isn’t that bad. Helping your pack developed fully trained leaders is a great way to ensure its health for many years.

Campmaster or Rangemaster– maybe you could help out at your council camps. You could help the campmaster run the camp for a weekend of Boy Scout or Cub Scout fun. Or maybe you could take a Saturday and run a BB gun or archery range and help some little Tiger scouts earn their shooting belt loops. We’ve all had so many good memories at our council camps, and this would be a great way to give back.

There are just some ideas on how to keep serving the youth by continuing to volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America. Please share this with any one you know who would do well serving the youth of the Scouting program. And if you know of great ways to serve the BSA once a leader graduates from Cub Scouts, please leave it in the comments.


In Scouting,

– Scouter Jeff



1. The Commish - December 16, 2008

These are all great ideas, Jeff…glad that I could put my input in for you.

2. thetrainerscorner - December 17, 2008

Thanks for your help, and the kind words, Commish! Now if we can just get this info. into the right hands.

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