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Campout Follow Up November 10, 2008

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Hello fellow Scouters,

Happy Monday to you all! As I wrote on Friday, we had our Webelos Woods campout this weekend. The Boy Scouts did an excellent job of providing an experience that mixed Scouting skills and plain old fun for our Webelos. I will write in a day or two about how I used this campout to help my Webelos prepare for Boy Scouts, but in the meantime, here’s a rundown of this past weekend:

Friday – We wanted to get there early, because it gets crowded. So me and my son arrived around 4:30 and set up our camp in the area assigned to our pack. We set up our tent, then set up the kitchen area that would be for all my Webelos. Since we were done early, we were able to help others bring up their gear from the drop off point to our area. We also helped some moms set up their tents. It was a good lesson in service for my son. Me and my son split a Subway 1-foot long sandwich for dinner, so we didn’t have to cook. My son had his half first, then smashed my half in the cooler. The bread was thinner than a slice of pita, but it tasted good and I was hungry. As I ate, I noticed that one of the dads in my den was grilling a steak. It was wrapped in bacon. I will be re-thinking my Friday evening meal planning going forward.

Saturday – The day was divided into four activity rotations, all put on by local Boy Scout troops. There were rope bridges, orienteering lessons, fire building challenges, Webelos Scientist activity badge lessons, obstacle courses, CPR training, and a lot more. The boys had a blast, and it was such a good introduction to Boy Scouting. The Boy Scouts that were there did such a good job of running these activities, and they showed a lot of maturity when dealing with the Webelos. They set a great example to the Webelos and their parents. Whenever I got the chance, I talked to my parents individually about Boy Scouting. I am looking to try to get them to commit to Boy Scouts, and I had some good discussions with them. I am hoping that any that were on the fence about joining Boy Scouts will do it. After the camp-wide campfire, I collected ash for the den ash collection. For the second night in a row I took heat from my Webelos for forgetting to bring hot cocoa.

Sunday – At 3am, I woke up to rain (not sprinkles, and not showers). Here in southern California, you usually don’t have to worry about rain in campouts, since it doesn’t rain here much any more. The last time I had rain on a campout was the last time I went to Webelos Woods, with my older son in 2004. (So maybe it’s me?). So I got out of the tent, and moved the dutch ovens under the table, and closed the stove. There wasn’t anything else I could do until sunrise, so I went back into the tent and tried mostly unsuccessfuly to sleep. Around 6am I got up, and dried up the river running through my tent. (Thankfully my son and I slept on cots, so we were 3 feet off the ground – I’m not much of a minimalist). The rain had died down to off-and-on showers at this point, so we were able to have breakfast and pack up camp. It didn’t start raining heavily again until I started out on the mile walk to where my car was parked (we have to park outside the camp area). We packed up and I came home with every piece of gear I own wet and muddy. It will take me a couple of weeks to dry and clean everything. While cleaning the dutch ovens, I’m thinking that I’m pretty much done with tent camping.

Today – As I write this, I am already looking forward to our next campout – our pack’s annual “Cold Camp”, on Superbowl weekend. (In most parts of the country, you’d call this “cool camp”). I am running through ideas for meals. For this campout, steak wrapped in bacon will be on the menu.

In Scouting,

-Scouter Jeff <><



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