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Water Bottle Cardboard Packaging October 27, 2008

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Hello fellow Scouters,

If your family is like ours, we buy those 24-packs of water bottles often. One thing I’ve found useful is the cardboard bottom that they come packaged with. These make a really good “container” to do some of the messy work when working on crafts. This weekend I needed to do some staining, and I was able to use this to hold the wood item and the stain container. Although it’s not waterproof, if I drip some stain, I don’t have to worry about it getting on something I don’t want it to.

And recently I needed to spray paint some fender washers for the old washer and pie tin game. These cardboard bottoms worked great to spray paint in. Since they have sides, it kept the overspray from getting on the lawn, where I did the painting. And when I was done spray painting I took the whole container and set it on a shelf so they could dry. You could even paint with different colors on different items, one color of paint for each cardboard container, and stack them “criss-cross” to dry.

If you have one for each boy in your den, you could use them for den crafts, and the boys can take the crafts home in this container. No more worrying about how to send home crafts with wet paint or glue that takes time to dry. They can just put this in the car and let it dry at home.

So as you finishes your water bottle pack, consider keeping the cardboard bottom. It can come in handy for craft projects.

Have a great week!

In Scouting,

-Jeff <><



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