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Meeting Bottlenecks October 24, 2008

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Hello fellow Scouters,

Happy Friday to you! One key to running a successful meeting is learning to anticipate and plan for any  bottlenecks in the meeting plan. A bottleneck is something that slows the meeting down and leaves some of the boys idle. And, of course, idle boys will find something to do, and it’s not always easy to get them back!

So as you are going through your meeting plan, look over each activity and see what could slow it down. Are you doing a weaved leather craft, but only have one or two leather punches? Are you doing kerchief slides, but only have a few glue guns? Are you building birdhouses, but don’t have enough hammers for all the boys? Do you have activity rotations, but the activities are of a different length of time?

As you plan out your meeting, look for ways to overcome these bottlenecks. Maybe you should buy some more supplies or tools. Or you go to your unit and see if the unit or any other leaders have some supplies or tools you can borrow. Maybe you go to your parents and tell them to bring a hammer or other items to the meeting. You could even split up the boys and have rotations – one group could work on the activity while the other group plays a game, and then switch (keeping in mind two-deep leadership, of course).

Careful step-by-step planning can avoid this, and make your meeting go a lot smoother. Then you and the scouts will have a great time!

In Scouting,

-Jeff <><



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